Aluru Consulting Services

We provides end-to-end onsite and offshore consulting services to clients ranging from large corporations to  start-ups.

Software Consulting

We believe in long term client and partner relationship built on trust by delivering more value than the competition and commitment to excellence. We provides onsite and offshore consulting services to clients.

Cloud Services

Cloud-based solutions can provide great value, but understanding how to use them most efficiently while balancing cost, risk and performance is not an easy task. We provide the balanced assessment you need to sort it all out.

Mobile Development

We are committed to providing cutting-edge mobile and smart-phone technologies at reasonable costs to our clients. Our Mobile Application Development offerings include native as well as hybrid app development.

Web Development

Our web designers can transform your ideas into reality by using their creative talent and knowledge of website standards and practices. We offer customized web development service based on your requirements and business goals.

Quality Engineering

We make great efforts to understand and analyze the requirements and plan for strategies that are essential to carry out expert testing and high quality standards on your products. We bring together best practices and strategies to cater your quality engineering needs.

DevOps & Support

We provide strategies and solutions for automating operations and show streamlined software delivery methodologies and technology processes. We also provide support for implementation, troubleshooting and maintenance of Information Technology (IT) systems.

Software Consulting Services

Time and Material

Time & Material

We provide qualified resources at a monthly or hourly rate for the defined skill profile. Client is responsible for managing resources and the output. We will have limited operation engagement such as availability of resources, staffing fulfillment timeliness, etc. The client pays on the basis of time / effort / resources used and the project cost is a function of the total project execution time and the resources deployed.

Fixed Price

Fixed Price

We get paid a fixed, pre-agreed amount for a fixed deliverable / scope of work at preset, periodic time-scales. Requirements, scope, services, features, timing and service levels are also fixed. Projects are executed and performance is measured with defined task deliverables in a given schedule and budget. Changes to scope and other items are handled through a change control process.

Offshore Development Services

Delivery Modal

Delivery Model

We collaborate with you to tailor an offshore delivery model that meets your specific needs, including an optimal engagement and distributed team model that maximizes your capabilities.

Technology Mix

Technology Mix

We can help you leverage the right mix of leading-edge technologies that offer advantages for your current and future needs.

Time to Market


We provide support by rapidly building development teams, leveraging pre-built assets to cut development times, and ensuring collaborative development and continuous testing.